What my clients say

From Pat, California
Thank you so much for your sessions.  As you know, one of my challenges is to find and maintain the balance of work and play in my life. In just a few sessions I already can feel the benefit of having you for a coach. 

It takes  a bit of discipline and focus to run a business like mine and I have personally felt a big difference through my sessions with you. I already recommended you to a number for my friends and associates.  I believe that everyone I know could benefit from your guidance. Please feel free to use me as a
reference.  I would be happy to speak to anyone considering signing up for SUCCESS WITH TESS! 

Patricia Rusich
Artist, Dancer, & Promotional Products Consultant

From A.K., Flower Mound, TX
Success with Tess has changed my life!!!!! You are my hero, Tess!

From J.R., Denton, TX
For me the simplest way to look at Tess's coaching abilities is to look at my life before our conversations and after. I did the work, anyone coached does the work, but with questions she exploded a lot of limiting assumptions which were impacting my motivation to live the life I wanted to live.


Before Tess? I felt I had failed as an artist because I didn't get a large commission from an investment bank I had pinned my hopes on. I threw my efforts into construction, a job I didn't like for 60 hour weeks. I came home to a house that was a fixer upper I couldn't find the motivation to fix. I was a substance abuser when I felt my life was like a train wreck, derailed and hopelessly stuck. I didn't even think about dating then, who would want me. I had hopes and dreams I gave up on, forgot who I was, and lived each day one day at a time... for over six years going nowhere. My anger back then from my frustration and my defensiveness from my shame gave me an explosive temper. My despair that I could never win made be passively vindictive. Bitter would be a shallow term to describe how I felt. 

After Tess? I fixed up the fixer-upper, sold it, and doubled it's value. I quit the job I hated. I have dusted myself off and am applying myself into my arts, and getting some results. My newer friends are artists, musicians, theater people. I have had ups and downs, and will still have more, but from the attitude Tess taught me I know now that if I'm down I just need to get back up and try again... and not give up on myself. I have re-discovered who I am, what I want out of my life, and I am going after it with more vigor than I have ever known myself to have. I am less angry, less resentful, less passive, less defensive because the questions she has taught me to ask myself lead me to feel like I am not a victim of life but an active player in a life that offers many possibilities if I only try.

Anyone considering Tess for coaching should reflect on how dramatic a change in life and lifestyle I have had thanks to the questions she asked. If you are thinking in circles and feeling totally trapped in your situation like I was, then do yourself the favor that I did for myself and see if she can find the pattern and help you find the way to break it.

The road to get from where I was to here wasn't easy, some questions Tess raised was painful and made me have to face a certain amount of personal accountability I had been keeping in denial for a long time. However, until that accountability is faced and embraced nothing changes, she had just the right emotional sensitivity to help me face up to it without being overcome with unproductive shame which would have otherwise paralyzed me.

They say that freedom is worth any price, and we tend to think of freedom only in terms of our system of democracy or maybe financial freedom, but what Tess helped me to find was a different kind of freedom. I was a prisoner in my own mind of my fears and hurts I kept re-living, and if one is not free in one's mind what difference does it make if they live in a democracy or in a dictatorship? 

If you don't feel free... then what is freedom worth to you? I couldn't answer that question when I started, I forgot what it was like to feel free, not sure if I ever really was before. But now that I have that freedom within I know that it's worth any price to have, and to preserve, I'd never go back to the way I was living ever again. 

From M.W.  Irving, TX
Tess has helped me to organize my current job/work load to better allow me to get everthing done that I need. She has also helped me greatly with choosing my current employer.

Success with Tess