As I age, I realize my values and my body are constantly changing. I can sometimes feel the years when I get up in the morning or when I go to bed.  (That's my adult daughter with me in the picture... LOL! I had her when I was 26, and I give all my youthful appearance credits to my mom and grandmother.)

I'm looking more carefully at where I spend my time, money, and energy these days.  What kinds of choices am I making every day?  What impact will this make today, tomorrow, and onward?

I've loved essential oils for over 20 years, and I've recently found a company that is as dedicated to integrity, global impact, and thoughtful practices as I am. I'm grateful that I can share this with other people to help their health, their quality of life, and their financial stability. 

I hold classes three times per month, and you can come find out more about DoTERRA, our essential oils, and products.  

I'm also part of an organization that can help you create an income that sustains you beyond an everyday career if you are interested in the business side of DoTERRA.  (It's optional - no pressure! I promise!)  

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Tess Haranda

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