Success with Tess

About Tess

I've worked for large corporations in the industries of supply chain and telecommunications and medium/small businesses in consulting, material handling, and publishing. My experience includes years of providing technical & business training and technical writing. I have been through Six Sigma Green Belt training and worked on Kaizen projects. 

I've had a wonderful career as a public school teacher and as a published writer. I've published monthly articles, short stories, poems, and two children's books.

Some areas of coaching that I am passionate about include

    • Career moves and changes
    • Resumes and interviews
    • Divorce recovery
    • Parenting, single parenthood
    • Setting boundaries
    • Personal development and effective communication
    • Moving out of abusive relationships
    • Process management - in life and business

    • Professional writing 

    • Setting high goals and ACHIEVING THEM

Important Note:
While we may discuss these topics during our coaching, I do not provide therapy or therapeutic counseling, or medical or financial advice. However, I am more than happy to provide you with the names of providers of those services who I highly recommend. My goal is to show you how to grab your success!